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Monday, June 28, 2010

Email Marketing For Avon Representatives

Have you ever wondered how much money you are losing because you lost touch with past customers? If you are always striving for new business and not making effort to keep your current customers informed you may be losing money. I was talking with a fellow Rep about my marketing techniques and how I keep in touch with my existing clients through a monthly email. It never dawned on me that she too wasn’t involved in email marketing, but the look on her face made it clear that she wasn’t. She is the kind of Rep that sells Avon to family, friends, and coworkers but not really into getting out and making a name in Avon. I understand the “this is just my hobby” mentality, but why not take a few minutes a month to keep in touch with your clients. The more we talked the more things I thought of that she could be doing with very little effort to maximize her business.

Email marketing campaigns should not be only performed by E-Reps, but rather all Reps that want to maintain and communicate with their clients. You might be unnecessarily spending hundreds of dollars a year on brochures, direct mailing, and marketing supplies that eat into your profits. On the other hand you may be losing money because you are not keeping in touch with your current customers effectively. The solution to both of these issues is to create a list of your customer’s email addresses and keep in touch with them electronically. An effective email marketing campaign may not only save you money but increase your customer base automatically. Let me explain, if your customer has friends that are interested in buying Avon, and you offer a discount to members on your list for referrals they will not think twice about forwarding your email to others. Not only is email marketing a great and effective way to generate new leads, but also it allows you to make clients aware of products they might otherwise have missed out on.

If you are an E-Rep and following the methods I outline in my eBook then you may want to consider adding an email Opt-In or Sign Up Form to your blog. The rule of thumb for internet marketing is that on average you generate about $1 per person on your email list per month. So if you have 100 people on your email list that is an extra $100 per month in sales. Now imagine if you have 10,000 members from your sign up form. Sure this will take time, but earning an extra $10,000 per month from writing a newsletter sounds pretty good. In addition to that you can email your list every time you post a new blog entry and create a constant traffic flow. The advantages of collecting emails and marketing correctly are endless.

Internet Marketers cherish their email list and hold them dearly, and I am sure you understand why. It is important to become a trusted email marketer and not just another spammer. You shouldn’t abuse your list or email them everyday. Instead you want to build trust and offer them products that you believe in. It does take some common sense to be an effective email marketer, and good rule to follow is to not do things that you hate having done to you.

So you may be wondering now how you add an Opt-In form to your blog or website, and how to you manage this list. It is a lot easier than you might think. Having control over your email list is very important; since you want to relay the information that will benefit your business the most. A great tool that I fully believe in and have used for over a year is AWeber. AWeber will give you the code you need to add an Opt-In Form to Blogger, Wordpress, or your website. It is simple to use and they have terrific support if you ever need any assistance. AWeber has many templates to choose from for sending out your news letter, or sales advertisement. I love the analytics features that allow me to monitor my emails effectiveness. I have tried a few different auto-responders over the years and AWeber is by far the best. This is the tool most professional internet marketer’s use, and it is also great for beginners.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

How to Get Quality Traffic

I recently read an article about how best to add Twitter followers. The article went through this whole process of spending an hour a day adding followers from groups of like minded businesses. The article makes a lot of sense if your goal is to reach 100,000 followers. However as an Avon Rep. I don't just want numbers of people to produce a few leads. I want quality leads from people that I can build a relationship with either as a customer or downline manager.

If your using my methods then you know the importance of having your own website or blog, and are already working on how to drive traffic. In my opinion the best traffic comes from search engines so I work a lot on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The idea of coming up in Google searches for keywords that relate to your website is one of the most important task you can work on. Like all thing the biggest reward comes with the most work and time. Learning as much as you can about SEO will help you drive the kind of quality traffic that will convert to sales.

Social Marketing on sites like Facebook and Twitter can also be sources for quality traffic. The beat part about these methods is that you get know who you are talking to and get to build a relationship with them. I say relationship because that is a very important factor in this type of networking. You can't just get a bunch of followers and spam the daylights out of them. You need to converse with them and build a friendship. You don't walk down the street just trowing brochures in the face of people and scream "Hey, look at my product". You make friends and treat them like people! This is how you should approach your Social Networking campaigns. Not only will your business benefit, but you will enjoy yourself a whole lot more.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Roles of an Avon Rep

Avon Representatives must perform a wide variety of task to run their business successfully. Essentially Avon is just the distributor and warehousing component of the business. Representatives must perform the task of many departments including customer service, sale, accounting, marketing, delivery, business analyst, trainer, and manager. Moreover, each of these categories can be broken down into subcategories which are equally as important. To succeed as an Avon Rep. you need to be organized and able to meet deadlines.

Like any business a good Rep. must be willing to change as the world changes. Learning to take advantage of opportunities and knowing when to reflect on your business strategy can be critical to earning money with Avon. With the economy upside down and a high unemployment rate you may have a hard time selling as families cut back on expenses. However, you may have a boost in new recruits as people experimenting with new ways to make ends meet. If you live in a small town you may face further struggles with finding new customers.

Analyzing your business is necessary to keep track of what is generating new leads and sales. You should keep track of all of your expenditures and know your profit margin each campaign. Is the money you made worth the time you invested? Can you calculate how much you made per hour? Is your current marketing method bringing you enough new customers to justify the expense? Is your business growing each quarter? These are some simple questions you must be able to answer to justify staying in business.

In my book Internet Marketing for Avon Representatives I talk about thinking of you Avon business as having two departments; A real world department and an online department. Many Reps see the online component of their business as being just a supplement to their real world business. I urge you to be open minded and adopt a new way of looking at your online business. If you live in a small town or a community that has been destroyed by the current economic issues facing the country then you should already be looking for new ways to grow your Avon business. Focusing on your E-Rep business may be the answer you are looking for.

I don't think I need to tell you how many people the internet has made wealthy. The amount of potential customers you have access to online is simply astonishing. Just like your real world business your online business requires your time. The benefit is that you do not have to invest any more money into business cards or other marketing materials. Online you create your own business cards and contact information in the form of links and emails. Your E-Rep store will be set to direct delivery and Avon will be processing and shipping all or your orders. This frees your time up to strictly deal with online marketing.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Best Site To Promote Avon

I get this question a lot "What is the best website to tell people about my Avon store?".

My answer often gets a blank stare, and even angers some Reps. No one likes to be told "you are doing it wrong" especially when they have been doing it for months and even years in some cases. The answer that I give requires that Reps work and be creative.

You have to stop promoting yourself and your Avon website, and start promoting product. Avon's catalog is huge and most people don't have any idea of all the great products they offer. You need to become a personal shopper for your online customers and make them aware of the great deals and product that Avon has.

If you read my e-Book then you understand that the best way to do this is through your own blog. You need a place to feature the products you are promoting online and link it the Avon sales page. You also know you must use my code to do this, since Avon uses cookies to track customers and credit your account. You don't want to just send customers to your home page to browse.

My method require work and dedication. This is not an easy or fast solution, but nothing that works is. My book walks you step by step through the process and teaches you how to use the tools. If you can send an email then you can blog, it is literally that easy.

The internet is a huge resource for Avon Reps and Social Networking makes it possible to find leads and customers in no time. You will be shocked at how fast you find new customers and convert them to sales using my methods.

If you want to transform you Avon business today then you will take the steps necessary and get started. You will not find what I am teaching anywhere else on the internet, because it is a brand new system and completely original.

You have the opportunity to succeed and transform you online Avon business today, and all you have to do is take the first step.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Benefits Of Marketing Avon Product

Anytime you present new ideas and talk about making changes to the traditional ways of doing things you will face critics. Since writing this book I have faced my share of critics and people wanting to find issues with my new methods.

Some traditional Avon Representatives don't want to change the way they do business or hear that someone found a better way to market Avon. I have even been confronted and had accusations said about me that are untrue. I want to make it clear to everyone that my methods are not against Avon Policy, and do not violate Avon's current Advertising Guidelines.

The marketing methods and tools I give you in my book allow you to market individual products rather than just sending someone to your E-rep account and having them browse. Using my techniques Avon will become your order processor and drop-shipper.

The 3 step formula that I developed will allow you to increase your customer base and your sales.

  • Step 1: Create a marketing portal (a blog or website).

  • Step 2: Market selected products and drive traffic to your blog (using Internet Marketing and Social Networking)

  • Step 3: Send customers to the Avon order page (using my code) to complete the sale.

Step 1: Having your own blog or website where you market individual products allows you to persuade your customers that they need/want the individual product you are marketing. You get to pick the products that will bring you the biggest financial return. You are basically becoming a personal shopper to your clients through your blog store front.

Step 2: Driving traffic can be time consuming and difficult, but I discuss the proven ways to do this in my book. I even tell you a Twitter marketing secret that I use and has been extremely successful for me. If you use this method correctly I can promise you that you will gain new customers in less than a day. The Key is that you are breaking away from the Avon tradition of method of "marketing yourself" as an "Avon Rep", and are now marketing "individual products". This method would not work in your real world face to face Avon business, but it does work exceptionally well online. You will find thousands of people that make a great living as "Affiliate Marketers". My method allows you to become an Affiliate Marketer of Avon products.

Step 3: Once a new customer is on your blog and sold on your product they will be direct to the Avon sales page that allows them purchase the product. Avon will process and ship the order and you will earn your commission. This step can NOT be done without using my code. If you try it without using my code you will not get credit to your account. Avon will receive 100% profits on this sale if my code is not implemented on your blog. My book full explains why this is and how my code works.

If you are happy as a traditional Avon Rep. and feel that your current methods are working then this book is not for you. If you have always felt that you could do more, and that a piece has been missing then you have found that in my book. The best thing about becoming an an Affiliate Marketer is that you can work from home, you can work when you want, and it is truly enjoyable.

I have been an affiliate marketer for Amazon, Commission Junction, and others. I have not had the kind of success with those that I have with Avon. I believe this is because I have had no competition. I am giving away my secrets in this ebook and you will be my only competition. I am only selling a limited number of copies to keep these techniques working for me. So you should get your copy now and be one of the first to transform your Avon business.